About us

Robo has been existing on market since 1973 as a manufacturer of glass Christmas tree decorations and Easter’s eggs.
Our goods are completely hand-made. Each of our ornaments is made individually by qualified polish artisans.
In our offer you will find large choice of glass ornaments and Easter’s eggs. We produce round glass balls in size from 30 to 150 mm, decorated and plain – colored, forms – figurines and tree toppers and Easter’s eggs.

We export our goods to whole of the world, for example to: United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy.

Robo is a family company with traditions and over 40 years of experience in a trade of Christmas tree decorations.

We have wide pattern-designing for our round glass balls and wide assortment of forms and Easter’s eggs.

We are able to make ornaments designed by our customers.

We would be glad to have You as our new customer!